Legal KM

PinHawk Librarian Daily Digest, March 14, 2016

Ron Friedmann leads off today with an excellent exploration of the importance of knowledge management to the efficient and effective practice of law. He writes, “The corporate C-suite now demands that general counsels control legal budgets. GCs, in turn, pressure law firms for better value. So it’s no surprise interest in KM has grown. KM boosts lawyer productivity, a key ingredient to deliver better value.” In today’s client-driven market, value is where it’s at. Read more

Read Ron’s take on:

  1. The dangerous artificial divide between lawyers and other professionals at law firms (the “caste system”);
  2. How law firms can attract business in a “flat” market for legal services; and
  3. How Biglaw can get in the game, or at least join the party through partnerships

The Biglaw ‘Caste System’ – An Impediment To Innovation? | Above the Law