Joshua Fireman, Ron Friedmann, Tom Baldwin and Eben Joel are appearing at ILTACON 2016.
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Fireman & Company has made several exciting announcements:
  • Drive > Knowledge Management: Fireman & Company is pleased to announce a new, fixed-fee KM Benchmarking service for law firms. It covers over 30 areas of KM, broken down with visual indicators under People, Process, and Technology. The Benchmark concludes with a Findings & Recommendations report, which is a great starting point for a 2-3 year KM plan. Firms looking to build out a KM program or firms with established KM programs have both found this of immense value.
  • Drive > DMS Adoption: Document Management System adoption in most firms is much lower than it should be. With regular usage between one-third and two-thirds of lawyers at most firms, collaboration suffers and firms incur more risk than they should. To help firms gain more from their DMS and improve user satisfaction with it, Fireman & Company is offering a new fixed fee program called Drive > DMS Adoption. It leverages our deep understanding of how lawyers work matters and how they manage documents. We start from our extensive use cases and requirements libraries, which we have built over two decades of working with lawyers, secretaries and law firms’ own clients. We help law firm IT and KM teams personalize each firm’s requirements to rethink, redesign and relaunch the DMS to drive better use and adoption. Rethink. Redesign. Relaunch. Document management can work. 
  • Drive > Intranet: With more firms looking to update and accelerate their Intranet efforts, Fireman & Company is pleased to announce Drive > Intranet, a fixed fee, turn-key intranet offering in collaboration with Handshake Software and DOOR3. Leveraging these award winning products, user experience designs and thought leadership allows firms to quickly implement beautifully designed, state-of-the-art practice portals, all at a fixed fee.
  • Drive > Search: Legacy enterprise search systems are expensive for law firms to maintain. Beyond often high annual maintenance fees, firms incur expenses customizing search to lawyer needs and adjusting the back-end to an ever-changing IT environment. Firms can accelerate a transition to modern search platforms by tapping Fireman & Company’s market leading expertise. Our Drive > Search is a fixed fee service that is built on our implementation framework developed from a decade-plus of experience implementing and managing complex enterprise search deployments. We can quickly map your current environment, requirements and customizations to make a new enterprise search investment work for firms and help lawyers work better. Drive > Search leverages our deep understanding of enterprise search – our hundreds of requirements, use cases and functional designs – to deliver the search experience your users have been asking for.  
You meet our team at these conference panels:
When Will Blockchains and Smart Contracts Be Important in Legal
If you knew in the early 1990s that the web and hypertext would explode on the scene in 1995, would you have done anything differently? Will we ever have a chance to relive that moment? Maybe. If you believe some pundits, we are at a similar moment for blockchain technology. Numerous mainstream media articles have covered it and associated smart contracts and cryptocurrencies, but what is blockchain technology exactly? Learn what the technology is, how smart contracts could change business and law, and how big companies in many industries are testing or using the blockchain and smart contracts.
Event Code: #ILTA061
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM ET
Location: Nat’l Harbor 2 & 3
Speaker(s): Ron Friedmann, Rohit Talwar, Josias N Dewey, Tori Adams
Area of Focus: Business & Legal Process Improvements, Knowledge Management
Finding a Needle in a Haystack with 21st-Century Expertise Systems
Expertise location systems are ubiquitous at law firms of all sizes and are key solutions that help with everything from responding to client proposals to finding the right attorney to help with a particular matter. An effective expertise location tool can be a differentiator for law firms, yet they are tricky because of the need to pull together multiple sources of information while providing clear answers. People from the trenches will share their experiences of implementing various solutions and tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re evaluating a new solution.
Event Code: #ILTA094
Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM ET
Location: Maryland D
Speakers: Kate Cain, Marybeth Corbett, Julie Bozzell, Joshua Fireman
Area of Focus: Knowledge Management, Business & Legal Process Improvements
Finally, Fireman & Company is sponsoring a cocktail reception at Wolfgang Puck’s Sunset Room with NetDocuments, Handshake, and Firm Directory from 5-7 PM on Wednesday, August 31.
Fireman & Company is a Gold Sponsor of the big iManage party, also on Wednesday night! Please join the celebration and network with old friends and current colleagues at Pose Rooftop Lounge right on Gaylord National Resort property. The party starts at 8 PM!