Fireman & Company Comments Favorably on Aderant Acquisition of Handshake Software

On Monday, August 7, 2017, Aderant announced it had acquired Handshake Software. Our partner Ron Friedmann commented on what this means for the market. His comments were originally published on Tuesday, August 8th by Legal IT Insider.

“I think the combination of Aderant and Handshake is good for the market and Handshake customers. 

I had not heard of Roper Technologies prior to its 2015 acquisition of Aderant. Since then, my impression is that Aderant has thrived and it’s certainly increased it’s thought leadership. So I take at face value the press release that more development and support resources will flow to Handshake, which will be good for the company and its customers. 

Fireman & Company is a Handshake partner. We regularly work with the company and use its product in Intranet projects. Since the economic downturn, law firms have faced financial pressure. In response, partners and associates must pay much closer attention to client and matter management. We find that it is more important than ever to deliver key financial information in a more visual, actionable, and simplified way.  Handhake’s toolkit, coupled with our persona-based Intranet dashboard designs, fulfills this need.

From the perspective of the growing importance of simple, visual access to financials, I think that Handshake having direct access to a financial systems provider resources is great. Over time, that access will enable it to take an even more sophisticated approach to dealing with financial data in ways that will help law firms better manage clients and matters.

I recognize that some in the market might be concerned about what this combination means. I spoke to Glenn LaForce, formerly Chief Strategy Officer of Handshake and now VP of Knowledge Management for Aderant, late Monday, August 7th. He said “Our offerings will stay intact and agnostic to the different combination of data sources law firms have (including Elite Enterprise and 3E).   This is one of the fundamental things that has always been an attraction to our clients.   We look forward to continuing to innovate and add new data sources.”