Existing Long-term Strategic Partnerships

When we launched Fireman & Company, we were supported by two partners: Recommind and HP Autonomy. You can’t manage knowledge without leveraging document management, email management and enterprise search. These are three cornerstones of KM, and companies like Recommind and HP Autonomy have been hugely supportive of us in our efforts to connect lawyers to knowledge sources and improve work product quality and efficiency.

Most importantly, Recommind and HP Autonomy help us build solutions – even though some of their products overlap. I can’t overstate the value of partnering with mature organizations who understand that business requirements differ from firm to firm, and who take a hands-off approach when we are evaluating and selecting products that fit our clients’ strategic plans.

New FAST Search Solution Partner

Over the years, Fireman & Company has become the leading expert in enterprise search for the legal industry. I am pleased to announce that we have added a new partner to our roster of search solutions: BA Insight. BA Insight is the leading legal industry Microsoft FAST partner, and their Knowledge Integration Platform gives us a SharePoint-based search solution that compliments our Intranet Practice.

Fireman & Company is now the only firm with Recommind, HP Autonomy and BA Insight; we are thrilled to be able to offer our clients search solutions that fit their range of business needs.

Expanded SharePoint and Experience Management Solutions

We have also bolstered our Intranet Practice by partnering with Neudesic, one of Microsoft’s most innovative partners. Neudesic’s Pulse offers our favourite collaborative, social platform. Neudesic has developed a simple and highly valuable tool using Pulse: The Firm Directory. Our clients have been asking for a great SharePoint-based directory for years; now we can offer The Firm Directory, which combines collaborative, social experience management with an integrated directory.

Fireman & Company’s partnerships are selected because they fit into integrated strategic solutions. Because we don’t want silos, we are proud to have integrated The Firm Directory with Recommind’s Decisiv Search. This combination bolsters Recommind’s industry-leading expertise location functions, and fits our holistic approach to SharePoint work.

Developing highly-usable solutions is, of course, a constant challenge. Strategy, processes and products need to be tied together with a great user experience. For this reason, we have partnered with Tonic Blue to provide beautiful user experience design on our projects. After all, it’s not enough for a tool to work; it needs to be usable.

Emerging Demand for Service Delivery

Of course, knowledge management has expanded its scope over the last five years, and it it critical that we address overall service delivery needs at our clients, from engagement pricing to legal project management (“LPM”).

We have reviewed a number of products in this area, and we believe that Prosperoware’s Umbria and Elevate’s Cael are the two best solutions available. We have partnered with both companies, to let our clients choose the model which best suits their needs.

We are big fans of Umbria’s modular approach to pricing and LPM. Within a single firm, groups of lawyers can be approached based on their level of pricing and LPM maturity. Cael tackles LPM head-on with a clean design and a focus on simplicity to drive lawyer adoption.

We believe that both Umbria and Cael compliment the consulting services provided by our Service Delivery Practice. “Solving” the LPM problem requires a deep collaboration between ourselves, our clients and product vendors. We think we have the two best vendors in the industry.

Fireman & Company Provides Integrated Solutions for Today’s Legal Market

At Fireman & Company, we develop strategic solutions to meet the competitive pressures of today’s legal market. We are excited to be joined by our partners in building client solutions and look forward to leveraging Recommind, HP Autonomy, BA Insight, Neudesic, Tonic Blue, Prosperoware and Elevate.