Knowledge Management

Lawyers today face increasing pressure to deliver value. They are taking a fresh look at knowledge management (KM) because it’s one of the best ways to improve lawyer efficiency. Reusing prior work and quickly finding an attorney with the right experience lawyer can dramatically reduce turnaround times.

Fireman & Company assists law firms and law departments with all aspects of KM: high level strategy, Intranet re-designs, document management systems, and enterprise search. To ensure that lawyers have the best tools, we partner with the most established and most innovative software companies.

We focus on the needs of lawyers and practice groups. We listen to them carefully to define how best to use human and technology resources. Because we listen—because we understand what our clients need and how they’ll use the technology—we build the legal market’s most useful, personalized, relevant, and beautiful portals.

We are also the leading experts in enterprise search. We advise clients on powerful ways they can use enterprise search now, but we also have a vision for the future. We’re creating innovative, integrated platform uses that go far beyond the accepted definition of enterprise search.

Finally, the core of KM is content. We design and implement document and email management solutions that reflect real practice requirements.

Our clients achieve high KM systems adoption rates because of our focus on what attorneys want and how they work. But ongoing developments in technology  can enable additional efficiencies. As new technologies emerge, we look to their strategic value and ask ourselves: “How can we use these new developments to improve the practice of law?”