Performance Excellence

Every firm strives for performance excellence. Our unique Performance, Profitability & Innovation Group delivers.

We bring together legal innovation leaders, KM and pricing specialists, technology experts, change leaders, and lawyers who combine decades of in-house and private practice experience with process improvement and Lean Six Sigma expertise.

We understand the preconditions necessary for a successful LPM implementation, a profitable pricing strategy, a process improvement initiative, a powerful KM system. Most importantly, we understand how integrating these key business-building strategies creates a much more powerful outcome than implementing any one of them alone.

PE Pinwheel - greenWhatever your entry point—whether you know what solutions you’re looking for or you’re exploring options to improve—we offer you a proven pathway to performance excellence.

  • We’ll conduct a detailed Opportunities Assessment Report to ensure you have a solid foundation upon which to build your process improvement, KM, pricing, or LPM initiatives
  • We’ll deliver a strategic plan that sets out achievable short- and long-term objectives
  • We’ll work with you to design, scope, plan, and implement your projects

Your definition of performance excellence is unique. Your path to get there must reflect your challenges, your firm, and your culture. Our experience—and our unique ability to integrate a range of potential solutions—means you get the systems and results you need to achieve performance excellence.