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  • Law Firm Profitability + Service Delivery: What the Altman Weil Survey Says June 21, 2017
    Law firm management needs to think more about their clients. Right now, they expend more energy on boosting profitability with inward measures than they do on client service. That cannot be sustainable. Protecting long-term profitability requires focusing on clients, specifically better service delivery and value. The recently released 2017 Law Firms in Transition (LFiT) survey […]
    Ron Friedmann
  • A New Era of Managing and Finding Experience in Large Law Firms June 13, 2017
    Experience management – the ability to find relevant matters and lawyers with specific experience – has emerged as core in large law firms for both knowledge management and marketing. I explain here its importance and examine the evolution in technology and processes supporting it. Knowledge Management Evolves from Documents to Experience Lawyers have long tried to […]
    Ron Friedmann
  • Quoth the RAVN: How iManage’s RAVN Acquisition Will Affect the Legal Market May 29, 2017
    [My business partner Joshua Fireman of Fireman & Company co-authored this blog post. It was first published by the International Association of Legal Technology (ILTA) at the ILTA KM blog and the ILTA corporate blog, both on 25 May 2017.] The document management, search and AI spaces have seen accelerated activity and innovation over the […]
    Ron Friedmann
  • Practice Centric Document Management (#ndElevate Live) May 24, 2017
    How can document management support lawyers working in a practice centric manner? That is the question my business partner Joshua Fireman of Fireman & Company will answer. This is a live blog post from NetDocuments‘ ndElevate annual user conference. (As with all my live blog posts, please forgive any typos or misunderstandings of meaning.) Practice-Centric […]
    Ron Friedmann
  • Large Law Firms Must Improve Client Service Delivery May 18, 2017
    In the current ultra competitive market for legal services, large law firms must improve client service delivery. I explain why in this post: the stratification of large law firms, the failure of traditional strategies, the lack of differentiation among most firms outside the top tier, and client dissatisfaction with law firm service. The Stratification of Large Firms: […]
    Ron Friedmann

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  • Rocky Mountain High - Operational Excellence in Denver March 29, 2017
    On April 4, 2017, we’ll be speaking about operational excellence at the ALA’s annual conference in Denver.  The timing of our talk couldn’t be better. With demand for legal services remaining low or flat, more and more firms are looking for ways to remain profitable. As the recent Citi/Hildebrandt Client Advisory said, the market will reward […]
    Karen Dunn Skinner
  • Buy-In: When the Managing Partner Gets Out Her Sharpie July 28, 2016
    © Gimbal Canada Inc. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced. We get asked a lot about mapping software. People look at the paper-intensive way we conduct our mapping projects and think, “couldn’t we do this on a computer?” The answer is yes. You could do it all on a computer. You could even project […]
    Karen Dunn Skinner
  • Kano's Coffee Shop: Improving your Legal Process Improvement July 12, 2016
    What’s coffee got to do with improvement? Well, thinking about how you deliver a great cup of coffee can help you deliver great process improvements. As Karen wrote in last week's blog, the Improve phase of DMAIC might be fun but it's a phase where teams can get bogged down. They need to move from the […]
    David Skinner
  • DMAIC 4 - Improve: How can you create a better process? July 7, 2016
    Welcome to the next instalment of our DMAIC series: Improve. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. It’s a structured approach to process improvement that will help you design, execute, and implement successful improvement projects.  Working through DMAIC starts with identifying what your client wants or needs […]
    Karen Dunn Skinner
  • You can only cut once: why process improvement trumps layoffs June 20, 2016
    I’ve been watching the mad rush to match Cravath’s salary increases with a sense of wonder. The market is (mostly) flat. Demand is (mostly) down. There are still far too many law graduates. It’s not like it’s a seller’s market.  And then I saw the icing on the cake. Last week, law firms were raising […]
    Karen Dunn Skinner